Virtual Pet Kittens: Christmas Monsters HD, Free Game App Reviews

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Kill it now

First when I got the app it said it may work poorly on your device Im like "I dont care lol" but you cant name you cat so its name is Click to rename your cat and all you do is press buttons WRST GAME EVER

It is a dumb game!

I hate this game!

I like it

I like this game so you should screw off


Its amazing And the kitty noise is fuking weird


I HATE THIS GAME I CANT NAME IT FIX IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OR ILL GIVE YOU 0 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game is sooooo cute but can be Boring but thats only a little

Cute and boring

The cat is cute.but it is so boring

Boring but cute.

So boring I had to delete the game! It was so weird.


It is sooooooo good

Omg so cute

I fell in luv with is adorable game


This game is boring dont get it

Cutest game ever!!!!!

I fell in love with this adorable cat so cute not boring for me adorable!!

the cat is so cute!!!

I love the cat it is adorable when my cat has enough energy I wave hi and the cat waves back adorable


Best game I ever played


Really has me addicted...

Family app

Just plain superfun.

Wow, fun.

Might I say one of the best games.

How do you play!

Im confused cuz all the other reviews make it sound good, but all you do is poke the buttons and make the cat eat, drink, etc.

Virtual kittens...

needs more features &better always keeps takin me to the AppStore every time I play with it...also can u guys please fix it is all the features is compatible with VoiceOver??


It is :(

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